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Coach Rodney Hohenstein

Coach Hohenstein is the head strength and conditioning coach at Empire Academy and has helped to develop the "Combat Conditioning" program which he has been running since 2011. He has developed his unique style of fitness training over many years of hands on experience, coaching and training.   He has traveled throughout the country, visiting gyms and attending seminars with some of the best in the industry. Rodney also has certifications in Crossfit, Kettlebell lifting, and Barbell training. Once you experience a class with Rodney you then understand why he is much respected in his field and has had such amazing results with his students and fighters alike.

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Combat Conditioning

The combat conditioning program is designed to get you in shape useing old school time tested methods. We firmly believe that it's not what you use to achieve this but more how you use it. These classes will absolutely improve your athleticism. Whether you're a fighter getting ready for your next fight or you a soccer mom just trying to fight the joys of aging. Combat Conditioning will improve you! We believe mental endurance is an often overlooked aspect of fitness. We have multiple ways of not only getting you physically stronger but mentally stronger as well. The classes very from day to day while rearly doing the same workout twice. Some of the points we focus on are strength, speed, coordination, balance, endurance, accuracy, power, and flexibility. Classes last about an hour. Stand up tall and become the best version of yourself! 

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